Kiki Fields

Illustrator || Character Designer || Story Artist || Graphic Designer

© Kiki Fields 2018. All rights reserved.

© Kiki Fields 2018. All rights reserved.

"Veggie Kingdom" Royal Family Color Design

Character color design concepts for a royal family in a vegetable-themed comic.

"One More Ride" Character Designs + Style Guide

Designs for personal animated project. The film was titled "One More Ride." The premise is about two brothers being transported into a video game after partaking in an old ride at an abandoned arcade.

"Child's Play" Character Designs + Style Guide

Character Designs and silhouette explorations for a short animation called "Child's Play." A young superhero's playtime is interrupted by her arch nemesis Stranger Danger.

"Dream Team" Pitch Character Designs + Style Guide

Character designs for a short episodic animation pitch titled "Dream Team." A magical-girl, adventure series about three girls being called upon to solve the plague of nightmares in their city.

© Kiki Fields 2018. All rights reserved.

Logo Design

PowerPoint Design

Product Design

Design Guides

© Kiki Fields 2018. All rights reserved.


Indiana Jones

Storyboards made for a few iconic scenes from "Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark"

Kirby Intro

Storyboards done for a fake Kirby intro I made.


Black History Zine Comic

Bratz Comic for Bratz Treatz Charity Zine

Background Designs

© Kiki Fields 2018. All rights reserved.


My name is Kiki and I am a digital artist who graduated from SCAD University with a B.F.A in Animation, and a double minor in Visual Effects and Storyboarding. I have 9 years of professional experience in illustration, character design, storyboards, visual development, graphic design, and 2D animation. I specialize in character-centric art and am experienced in various art programs including Clip Studio Paint, Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator, Affinity Photo, and Canva.Recently I've been working on developing a shop to sell all kinds of cool products, ranging from stickers and prints to apparel and stationary. I'll be updating the site when that happens.Outside of creating art I enjoy reading literature and manga, watching anime, playing cozy sim, RPG, and visual novel games, and sewing!


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© Kiki Fields 2018. All rights reserved.

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© Kiki Fields 2018. All rights reserved.